Jon Hamm was on the set of Mad Men yesterday. That’s for some of you to enjoy while the rest of us talk about his onscreen daughter Kiernan Shipka who, this weekend, will play Cathy Dollenganger in the Lifetime adaptation of FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC OH MY GOD.

As previously mentioned, maybe over-mentioned at this point, Duana and I will be liveblogging the television event of the week on Saturday night instead of watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Why?

Teen Sh-t.

Family Sh-t.

Girl Sh-t.

Sibling Sh-t.

God Sh-t.

Incest Sh-t.

It’s all the sh-t in ONE story.

And Sally Draper’s at the heart of it – come on! How is this not everything you care about this weekend?