You’re right.

Many of you have complained that I don’t give Mad Men enough love. True. I should. And many are even more upset that Jon Hamm isn’t allotted enough quiver space.

Not that I dispute it if he’s yours but Jon Hamm isn’t my particular loin poison.

However, after watching him host Saturday Night Live this weekend, one thing is for sure: there is finally an heir to George Clooney. If he wants it.

They thought it would be Patrick Dempsey who could make the leap. From tv hunk to big screen major player. But Patrick’s past took away the mystery and his scowl face spouse eliminated the fantasy. Besides, Patrick isn’t exactly high on charisma.

Jon Hamm on the other hand…


He was amazing in every skit.

He has Clooney’s easy charm. He has a manly man’s vibe that will allow for cross gender appeal. And he’s becoming famous past the age of infancy which means he’ll handle fame as beautifully as his predecessor.

The only problem… Mad Men isn’t as widely watched as ER. And unlike ER, Mad Men isn’t exactly a MiniVan friendly show. All the MiniVan wants is Dancing with the sh-ts – Jon acknowledged as much in his opening monologue.

He has the potential, but will he ever have the support?

Mad Men. Season 1 is on DVD. What are you waiting for?

Below – two sketches from SNL: Don Draper’s Guide and Pat Finger’s campaign ads. Click here and click here to watch.

Unfortunately they haven’t uploaded the best one: Jon Hamm’s John Ham.


Here’s Jon at the SNL afterparty with his girlfriend holding on tight.

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