Jon Hamm was photographed yesterday on the set of Mad Men. Nothing to complain about here. Why complain about Don Draper.

If they weren’t so bitchy last year, Don Draper would be on tv every week right now. But, as you know, drama happened and they took a while to work it out and that pushed back production which is why Mad Men will not air until at least January. you miss it?

I like Mad Men so much. SO MUCH. And while I wish Friday Night Lights had been awarded the Emmy, I’m not face-punchy about Mad Men winning it. Mad Men is a great show. Is it however the kind of show you MISS? Is it like Game of Thrones where you’re counting down the days between and now the months and the months in between?

Is it blasphemy to say that, for me, it is not?

I will watch Mad Men happily when it comes back. And I will love it, of course I will. But until then, it’s not like there’s a hole in my life where Don Draper used to be, you know?

Or is that because Jon Hamm has been so accessible otherwise?

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