Thumbs up Jon Hamm

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 26, 2012 15:23:00 July 26, 2012 15:23:00

Amid reports that he’s been making moves on girls domestically and internationally - click here if you missed that article yesterday - Jon Hamm showed up last night at the New York premiere of The Campaign under a cap with his shades on.

Many of you have emailed to ask about Jennifer Westfeldt and whether or not they’re still together. Well, they were very much together two weeks ago at Nora Ephron’s memorial service on July 9th - see photos attached. The flirting incidents reported by The Daily all occurred within a few days before and after these pictures were taken.

But let’s make excuses for him because he’s hot and that’s what we women do when men are hot and we want to keep loving them. It’s an open relationship! Sure it is. Jennifer Westfeldt totally looks like she’d voluntarily agree to an open relationship. Is it really an open relationship when one person wants it and the other person has no choice but to agree?

Wenn, Ilya S. Savenok/Getty

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