The Emmy Award nominations will be announced on July 14th. Duana will have more about that in the next week or so but in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category it’s hard to imagine that Jon Hamm won’t be recognised among the 5. Of course he’s humble about it. Of course in a new interview with Ausiello he says exactly the right thing when asked about being the frontrunner:

I long ago stopped being nervous about that kind of stuff… It’s such a crapshoot and it’s so not up to me and anything that I can really control. If [another nomination] was to happen, that would be phenomenal. I’m incredibly lucky to even be mentioned [with] the Hugh Lauries and the Bryan Cranstons and the Michael Halls, people whose work I’ve looked up to my whole career in some cases, especially in the case of Hugh, whom I’ve been watching since Black Adder. If I’m [even] mentioned in the same breath as those cats, that’s great. That’s what I take out of that.

And what of the fact that no one from Mad Men has ever actually won an Emmy...which...what? The show has won for Drama Series several times. Its actors however have been shut out. Jon’s response to that, about why he and his cast mates have yet to actually go beyond a nomination:

I think that might be part of it, (our show is restrained). We’re not out there killing people and blowing s–t up. There aren’t many moments that you can point to and be like, “That’s the one that’s going to win you an award” or something. But if you look at it as a whole, it’s a pretty substantial thing to point to as an actor. I think there are plenty of examples of that in the history of television. You can look at the actors on The Wire and be like, “Are you kidding me? Not a single person was nominated for any of these performances? This is crazy. It’s some of the best work on television!” But that’s the way it goes. I think that in the brave, new world of television we find ourselves in, there are almost too many good performances now, and that’s a pretty great place to be if you’re a fan of television, which I am.

Again, exactly the right answer. It’s thoughtful and humble and fair.

The entire piece is like that, actually. Jon talks about how he avoided getting typecast, how he’s managed to work out a career in drama and in comedy, how he’s good friends with Paul Rudd...

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And this is Jon last night at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards where Mad Men cleaned up with wins for Matthew Weiner, Hamm himself, and Christina Hendricks. Don’t kill me but I’m not into his white suit. Something about the way it fits... it’s not right. Or perhaps it just doesn’t hold the wrinkles right. Whatever. It’s a small complaint for an otherwise flawless man.

(Please don’t f-ck up, please don’t f-ck up, please don’t f-ck up.)

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