As you know, Jonah Hill being skinny was freaking me out. I wrote about it in relation to his “fu”, click here for a refresher. Jonah was out last night in Hollywood. Is it just me or has there been an improvement?

Jonah is apparently now single, having broken up with his long-time girlfriend Jordan. Not a bad time to be testing the market, especially since his career seems to be thriving. Moneyball was considered a success, The Sitter is due out in a few weeks, and the trailer for 21 Jump Street was surprisingly strong.

And then there’s Jonah all over my TV in that Call of Duty ad - have you seen it? They play it over and over again, the 30 second tv spot. The full length version is a minute and a half. It’s a movie, straight up. With Jonah and Sam Worthington. For a VIDEO GAME.

Because, as I wrote a few weeks, the big, HUGE money these days is in gaming. Jonah’s not the type, fortunately, to bullsh-t about “art” and “craft” like some other pretentious assholes. But I can’t wait for this to kick off a trend. And to hear the justifications from those closet sellouts who previously made their millions selling watches and cars in Europe and Asia when they realise the paycheques now require this kind of concession.