Jonah Hill: Worst Oscar Expectations

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We talk soooo much about wanting the Oscar, or not wanting it. Campaigning, or not. This seems to be one step away from "being prepared if you win" or not.   When Christopher Plummer took the stage last night, I felt relaxed almost instantly. He had us. He wasn't going to let the moment be awkward. Dare I say, he was prepared.

Just because he had a few remarks on the tip of his tongue, did that make the speech any less heartfelt and elegant and spontaneous? Of course not. Was he lovely and deserving and of course, wasn’t it a really nice set of happy goosebumps for the Canadians watching?  Absolutely. Did it make his win any less sweet that he didn't stammer and cry and wring his hands about all the people he forgot to mention?  No, of course not!  He was the favourite to win, he deserved it, what a wonderful end to a wonderful little story.

Unless you are Jonah Hill.

You've heard me rage about people who act like the Oscars is an eventful trip to the orthodontist. I hate it. So I was really enthused to see how excited Hill was on the carpet. He had his mom there, it was cute. He talked all the time about how he was still completely shocked that he was there.Totally appropriate.

But I guess nobody told him there was no way he was going to win.

I blame his people, really. He should have known. Even if rumor has it that Jonah doesn't have such a great sense of humor about himself - especially for a comedian - it's the number one skill you have to learn when you're an Oscar nominee. Look immediately delighted when someone else wins!  

He didn't.  

How do you not know though? If you're clearly the outside guy in this scenario, even though of course a teeny part of you wants to win, don't you imagine the worst case scenario, and everything else is a bonus? Don't you prep in front of your bathroom mirror?

I wish he had. And I bet he wishes he had.  Because I bet his comedy buddies are going to razz him about his pouty face for a long time. Comedy guys are not known for being gentle, and given that even Billy Crystal twitting him gently - in song, no less - seemed to make him uncomfortable, he might be the butt of a few jokes for awhile.  

(Lainey: but not as bad as Angelina Jolie!)

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