As mentioned before, the little one, if I had to pick, is my favourite. I can hear my friends groaning already – of course he is, they’d say. Don’t even bother, Duana! I’m not hearing you!

But seriously, the little one – Nick? – he’s the cutest and is the most likely to like girls. They also say, unanimously actually, that he’s the most talented, even though he looked like he screwed up his lyrics with Stevie Wonder which was almost endearing. Almost. It’s too bad about those brothers.

Particularly the pretty one. The pretty one doesn’t wear his pants well. Something about his ass. But they insist the pretty one, Joe, they insist that he’s still with Camilla Belle. At a pre Grammy party on Friday, where Camilla wore a typically assy Marchesa dress – see attached – according to Nikki B, they were seated separately and walked the carpet separately, but he kept making love eyes at her all night long.

Of course he also had to be the sparkly one on the red carpet. Perhaps I’m out of touch with teens these days. When I was that age, you couldn’t pay a guy in beer to wear a suit like this.

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