Vagina Virgins?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 15, 2008 09:23:00 September 15, 2008 09:23:00

The Jonas Brothers at the Disney’s City of Hope Benefit Concert at Universal Studios yesterday proudly showing off their much talked about purity rings.

Duana and I on Skype just 5 minutes ago…

Me: Those Jonas Brothers purity rings – will they stay virgins?

Du: What kind of virgins? Like vagina virgins? Um…yeah… because they’re gay?!?!

Then there’s Michelle. Michelle has a boyband theory. Every boyband boasts the following: an ugly one, an irrelevant one, and a superstar.

Take N Sync example. Chris Kirkpatrick ugly and irrelevant, Lance Bass gay, maybe even JC Chasez, and Justin Timberlake superstar.

How do we break down the Jonas Brothers?

Kevin irrelevant, Joe the ‘mo, Nick the star, and my Chinese ass now being hunted by the rabid Jonatics.

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