The Vagina Virgins are promoting their upcoming Jonas Brothers 3D concert movie. As such, they’ve been making the press rounds in New York last night for an appearance on Letterman. They even read their own Top 10 List:

10. Our new 3D concert film puts you right in the middle of a six-hour tour bus ride from Pittsburgh to Albany.
9. Often we are astonished by how adorable we are.
8. Sometimes we lather, rinse, repeat and then repeat again!
7. Last Sunday night, I won a Grammy for “Best New Jonas.”
6. Osama said he’d come out of hiding if we’d meet his 15-year-old niece.
5. One time when we were on the road, things got really crazy and we stayed up until 10:30.
4. We’ve seen Paul Blart: Mall Cop 27 times.
3. Once a week we get mail for Dr. Joyce Brothers.
2. We have no idea who that old dude behind the desk is.
1. A couple years back, Angelina Jolie tried to adopt us.

Oh the Brangelunatics hate Dave!

The Vagina Virgins also talked about their nicknames on Entertainment Tonight. The little one, Nick, is Mr President because, I don’t know, the running joke is that he’ll seek office one day…or something? And Kevin is K2 which is bland enough and fitting because he’s the one no one cares about …and then there’s Joe.

Joe is apparently called DANGER.

Look at this child.
This is supposed to be the modern version of Danger? The heir to the Steve McQueens and Charles Bronsons of a past era?

Sit DOWN Joe Jonas Vagina Virgin!!!

And who voluntarily takes on the nickname Danger anyway? It’d be like me walking around telling people my nickname was “Bombshell”.

Hi, I’m Lainey. But all my friends, they call me Bombshell…



Does Disney packaging really work? You moms out there – you’re buying this? Really?

By the way – rumour has it they’re trying to get an Academy invitation to present at the Oscars because care about the Best Score. Dumb.

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