The Jonas Brothers sat down for an interview recently and were asked about their virgin status.

Teen Now posed the question: So are you guys really vowing to stay virgins until marriage?

The answers were as follows:

Nick: 'No. That was something that got taken out of hand and that we wanted to keep to ourselves.'

Kevin: 'The media took things out of context.'

Joe: 'Those rings are just to show that we have solid values in life.'

Solid values?

Whatever, kid. I’m too tired to argue with your MiniVan.

OK so which one of them had sex…

With a vagina?

My guess is the little one. Confession: he looks like an old boyfriend. WAY old boyfriend, like grade 10. Name was Sebastien and he was 2 years older and broke up with me and bragged about it to the entire school.

But the other two? The other two are totally still vagina virgins. Note the qualification of the term.

Here they are, two vagina virgins and their younger brother in New York wishing their fans a Happy Valentine’s Day.


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