Lessons in Sport by Joe and Kevin Jonas

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Written by Jacek

You can always count on the Jonas brothers for some photo gold, especially when it comes to their attempts at athleticism. I’m no gossip guru and probably have a pretty selective memory when it comes to most celebrity subjects, but it seems to me that 80% of the time the Jonas brothers are photographed they’re attempting to be athletic in some way. Luckily for us it’s always with many flavours of Jonas cheese. Case in point – Joe Jonas choosing to run through Yorkville during TIFF for privacy. Or this amazing set of the Jonas brothers throwing the pig skin around on set between shoots of Chasing the Butterflies.

If you’re not sure why this set is so precious to me, let me point out a couple of things. And I qualify this by saying that there’s only so much you can tell from stills but I’m pretty sure the video footage would be equally entertaining. And that I consider myself reasonably athletic and can recognize when someone is…not.

Let’s start with Joe.

First, it’s obviously the ball is about to fly clean through his hands. Why? Well, it could be that his arms are stretched out stiff in front of him like he’s about to bump a volleyball. Absorb into the body, friend.

Second, he appears to be looking at the ball but his head position and facial expression tell me he fears it. Don’t fear the ball Joe. You’re one step shy of looking like those folks who turn their head to the side as the ball arrives in the hopes that it will magically settle into their stiffly outstretched arms.

Now let’s move on to Kevin, whose physique says ‘band camp’ more than is says ‘go deep’. To his credit he did step forward with the proper foot on release. But the odd wind-up and funny little step before release tell me he got picked last a lot.

I know, I sound like the guy in gym class who rolled his eyes when someone on his team f-cked up cause they couldn’t play and hated sports.  I did roll them. And often. But I hid it well. Hate me.

Written by Jacek
Photos from PCN

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