An ex lover sells him out… like OUT. This is what’s happening to Jonathan Knight. He’s gay. But you knew that, right? Of course you knew. I think the only person who didn’t know was my producer Jennifer B who managed our NKOTB interview last summer. Then when I told her about the boy prowling in the city, she was totally crushed. Poor Jen.

Poor John!

He and his boyfriend have broken up, the boyfriend needed money, ran straight to the National Enquirer, and teen dreams have been dashed forever! Yum. Those pictures look hot. Jon’s a great kisser.

There is good r that can come of this, you know. Gaydar must develop somewhere, and getting your heart broken by a gay man is a rite of passage. Welcome girls!

As for how the ultra-private, panic attack prone Jonathan is faring – some say he actually encouraged this. That he was tired of living the lie and wanted this to come out but in a way that would portray him sympathetically, a victim of exploitation, only to tell the “official” story in People Magazine next week.

NKOTB performed in Amsterdam two days ago. Jonathan is always hiding from cameras.

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