Quiveration is largely subjective. What quivers me often doesn’t quiver you. And vice versa.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an excellent example. Here he is in Rome with his on off now on girlfriend at the premiere of August Rush looking bat sh-t crazy with his psycho eyes and that lame ass excuse for a goatee growing randomly about his face.

You know it’s bad if a dude is scarier when he’s smiling than when he’s not smiling. And every time this creep smiles, small children go into hiding.

On a purely mathematical level, he is a gorgeous man. Great bone structure, interesting features, definitely could be a model. But there’s beauty and then there’s freak. And every time I see him, I imagine waking up to his face two inches from mine in the middle of the night as he decides what spices to use with my flesh for the perfect human beef stew.

No thank you.

The upside? I am dying to see August Rush. Click here for the trailer. Sappy but there’s something...