It’s Jonathan Rhys Meyers at the Season 3 premiere of The Tudors last night in New York looking overcooked, dehydrated, and quite possibly cranked. 

His face…

Is it cracking? It’s so dry it’s cracking. And his lips – freaks me out when mouth and skin are the same colour with just a white outline around the lips. Like Burn Guy. And the only thing missing is a gooey blob of vaseline around the edges to keep from splitting.


He’s gross.

He went from pretty to androgynous to f-cked up but still kinda hot to totally not and it’s a shame too because he can actually act and so the gossipmonger has to ask: does Xenu have anything to do with it?

JRM was fine up to his involvement in Mission Impossible. Then, perhaps because he told Tom Cruise he wasn’t into dudes, slowly but surely it started going to sh-t. I’m just saying Xenu doesn’t like to be denied. Can’t imagine Tom Cruise takes rejection well either. 

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