He plays a bike courier in Premium Rush, now shooting in New York. I’ve noted before it’s a terrible title. Like a Steven Segal movie. Hopefully they’ll change this before release. As you’ve seen from Inception, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has become a promising action/thriller star. Premium Rush, despite it’s sh-tty name, is supposed to be a pretty good script.

So here’s JGL on set yesterday with Dania Ramirez, also known as Turtle’s love interest in Entourage. Hot. How do we feel about JGL in shorts? Many of you have him on your Five List. You know what it’s like for me and my Five List. I’m a picky fickle bitch. You have the right to be picky and fickle when determining your own candidates for fantasy f-cks. And for me, well, in these shorts he just looks so little. I know he’s little. But his calves don’t have to prove it to me, right? Unfortunately he can’t walk around in the Inception leather jacket all the time.

Having said that, I know you love the face. The face is indeed good. Enjoy the face. And if you’re wondering what he’s like, when I was at Comic-Con people kept telling me “he’s a good guy”.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com