If only Dylan were here. Because I’ve no doubt Dylan has been both Joseph Gordon-Levitt AND Sean Lennon in this situation.

At the premiere of 50/50 last night, JGL posed with his friend Sean, and then Sean’s girlfriend Charlotte jumped into the shot, and everyone put their arms around each other and oh look, Charlotte’s tit fell out. I mean, it happens, whatever, maybe you should use tape, but ok, a nipple is a nipple is a nipple... only my question to Jacek was - if you, Jamie (his buddy) and Shauna (Jamie’s wife) were standing for a picture together and Shauna’s tit fell out would you feel weird? He said he wouldn’t feel weird. Then I reversed it and asked him if it were me, him, and Jamie, and my tit fell out would he feel weird? He said he would feel weird. Should he feel weird? Should anyone feel weird?

I don’t think Sean Lennon feels weird about his girl’s tit falling out. After all, I know exactly what his parents look like naked. Like, exactly. I can pick it right out of my mind, no google required. Which actually isn’t pervy, at all. If you were ever into the Beatles, and the after-Beatles, I shouldn’t have to explain.

50/50 opens this weekend to very strong reviews, especially for Joe’s performance. The trailer is below.