Joseph Godon-Levitt Sets The Bar for THAT Question/Loves BC Weed

Dean Posted by Dean at September 13, 2013 19:22:45 September 13, 2013 19:22:45

Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt gay? It’s a question I’ve asked myself, and I’m sure one that JoGo has been asked, ungraciously, countless times as he’s grown up on camera. Seems like a question everyone has to be prepared to answer if they want to be a star. Now though, Joe’s redefined the way all straight celebrities should respond when faced with this passé query.

He’s making the rounds to promote Don Jon and is featured on the cover of the new Out. Inside, he’s asked to talk about his sexual orientation and says “that would be really tacky-they would win if I had to clarify.” How perfect is that? Until now the standard answer has been something like “Oh, I love gay people and would be totally open about it if I was gay. Sadly though, no, I’m straight, haha.” While supportive of the LGBT community on the surface, the subtext of this answer is always an attempt to end any nagging gay rumors.

Joe’s not playing that game though, instead pointing out is how insulting it is to everyone, gay and straight, when a straight celebrity has to awkwardly explain that he sleeps with women.

Know what else is awesome about Joseph Gordon-Levitt this week? His shout out to BC weed as the world’s premiere bud.

On Letterman, Joe explained how Seth Rogen hooked him up with some weed from The True North and that sweet stuff helped inspire his new movie. While I’ve been kind of critical of Don Jon from the start, I can get behind Joe’s muse.

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