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A lot of people think she’s weird looking. I think she’s amazing looking. SO exquisitely beautiful. And she’s now reportedly dating Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Both Devon Aoki and JGL were at the Bing party earlier this week in LA and Page Six reports that they were all over each other, telling people that they are indeed lovers. Maybe that’s not the word they used but you know, saying they’re a “couple” after a public make-out session seems rather deflating.
Devon is a model who is trying to be an actor.

Joe is an actor who was being considered for the Freebie 5 until his hyperactivity on SNL turned me off. Still...while JGL may not be List material, it doesn’t mean he’s not adorable. This hook up is surprising though because last I heard, which was admittedly several months ago, he had a longtime non-spotlight girlfriend to whom he was supposedly quite devoted. People break up.

In more exciting Joe news...

We’re only 3 weeks from Inception.

Can’t f-cking wait to see Inception. When I was in LA two weeks ago, we talked about Inception a lot. And the buzz is crazy. So much so that they’re trying to contain it, typical Christopher Nolan style. From what I hear, it’s sick amazing twisted and unforgettable. I spoke to two people who’d seen it, both cynical f-cks, and both were speechless with admiration. Peter Travers just screened it and an excerpt from his Rolling Stone review has been released. He loved it too. HARD. But he also notes that Inception is not for The People. You know, The People for whom they made Sex & the City 2 and The Bounty Hunter. So, no, Inception might not make back its money at the box office. But that’s never been Nolan’s style. Inception opens on July 16th.

"The mind-blowing movie event of the summer arrives just in time to hold back the flow of Hollywood sputum that's been sliming the multiplex. 'Inception'...will be called many things, starting with James Bond Meets 'The Matrix.' You can feel the vibe of Ridley Scott's 'Blade Runner' in it, and Nolan's own 'Memento' and 'The Dark Knight.' But 'Inception' glows with a blue-flame intensity all its own. Nolan creates a dream world that he wants us to fill with our own secrets. I can't think of a better goal for any filmmaker. Of course, trusting the intelligence of the audience can cost Nolan at the box office. We're so used to being treated like idiots. How to cope with a grand-scale epic, shot in six countries at a reported cost of $160 million, that turns your head around six ways from Sunday? Dive in and drive yourself crazy, that's how.'' (Source)

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