I’ve only watched up to Weekend Update but so far, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s not freaking me out as much as he did the last time he hosted when it was much too much hyperness and he may not have blinked the entire time. Anyway, since he’s so popular, I’m assuming everyone squealed when he took his shirt off and rode his pony so I’ll attach a few of those shots.

About JGL at TIFF, and sorry it took so long to tell the story, there are two parts, unrelated:

Joe was at the Elgin for the Looper screening on opening night. Normally they keep the talent in the green room between the carpet and the introductions and the Q&A. It’s a private situation, no fans, no media, just staff, as in just the people who are there to serve them. Joe had everyone leave the room so he could eat with an assistant/agent type. No, no, of course not, it’s nothing remarkable. Just... there have been some mega mega names, names much bigger and much more notoriously high maintenance who’ve been to that theatre during the festival over the years, and, well, only JGL asked to have the room cleared.

He just wants to be left alone to eat! Leave him alone! shouts the loyal fan. Fine, hands up, backing up. But as a fan, do you find you have to spend a lot of time making excuses?

Next: I saw JGL several times during TIFF at other screenings. Also at Soho House. Where at one point, briefly, ahem, he was talking to Michael Pitt. Pitt seemed to be more engaged in their conversation. To the casual observer, JGL was the one who exited that discussion as soon as he could.