Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Christian Bale were in New York today shooting scenes for The Dark Knight Rises. Bale’s Bruce Wayne (as his tricked out car is getting towed) walks behind JGL’s John Blake, a cop, obviously, though internet fanboys still haven’t figured out if he’s a good guy or a corrupt police officer. Isn’t it amazing that Christopher Nolan can keep secrets? Or, more accurately, that his projects can be kept secretive? That somehow he’s able to seal the sh-t that needs to be sealed?

Thoughts on JGL playing a cop? He’s super cute. And really fresh-faced. What would it be like if you needed a cop and he showed up? No, not like a porn situation, but for real, that’s him coming to help you against the burglar. Do you have any confidence?

Speaking of security confidence - have you noticed that there are so many security guards who aren’t, like, very fit? Or they’re old? Especially in retail. A lot of them, in fact, look really, really unhealthy. How are they chasing down the vandalists and the robbers? I asked Dylan this question once when we were at an airport and the security guard was booting around on one of those segways. He said their size comes in handy because they can literally just sit on people during a fight and break it up. That doesn’t give me a lot of confidence if I’m a shopkeeper.

As for JGL and whether or not he’s really making out with Scarlett Johansson - to my knowledge there have been no sightings since. Unlike her successor, Scarjo doesn’t call the paps when she’s having sex with someone new.