We know he's on a hot streak right now. We know he's really coming into his own creatively. That he's more in demand than ever. His status as one of the chosen people was cemented by the fact that he was asked to appear in Kimmel's Post-Oscar show as a boldface name. That's a big deal.

It would be so easy for him just to transition into asshole. To be the kind of guy who never lets you forget that he's on an upswing. Who starts to believe his own hype.  

But this is where your roots can really show who you are. JGL started out as a skinny kid on 3rd Rock from the Sun, and that was maybe a good living but it wasn't exactly a cool place to be. Those are humble roots. It makes him jazzed to be where he is for such a long time, to continue to be awesome because he has an awesome life. Which is obvious, right?  

So why is it so hard for some of them to accomplish?