Did I forget to write about Joseph Gordon-Levitt at TIFF? I’m sorry...

Saw him at the Blackberry sponsored after-party for 50/50. He has really, really amazing skin. Was single that night. Or at least behaving like he was. Because he seemed very into one particular girl who I saw being introduced to him earlier. She was really pretty. Wonder if he’s not single anymore. I didn’t stay long enough to find out.

Anyway, he’s cute and little and looks great in a suit and isn’t as approachable as Seth Rogen, according to several other party attendees, but isn’t rude at the same time, or skittish like Anna Kendrick which, sit DOWN Anna Kendrick, more on this another time, definitely not the effusive, I will hug everyone type that you may expect him to be, if that’s what you were expecting him to be.

Here he is performing at Amoeba Music in Hollywood yesterday. He presented work from his new anthology RECollection, something about art, music, and writing. He was also photographed walking around, filming the paps. I wish they’d stop doing this. Filming the paps filming you is like “bling”. Dead.

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com