Thanks to all of you who’ve sent this along – a video recorded a couple of days ago of Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing Natural Woman with his guitar.

He doesn’t sound bad, pretty good actually, even though it does nothing for me, no, but for many of you, after you watch this, you’ll want to mother his children.

This is the era of the Do-Everything Celebrity. They all act, and sing, and play guitar, or piano, or harmonica, whatever, and “write”, and paint, and sculpt, and trapeze for Cirque du Soleil which, I suppose, is expected. After all, for years these parents have been trying to create the superchilds, signing up for the best daycare even before conception, the tutors, the extra credits, the extra classes, the multi-skill development, testing, competition, specialness, pushing the extraordinary...

And the Hollywood representation of that is all of Them – they’re in their 20s and they specialise in ALL OF IT.

Attached – JGL on the set of Premium Rush last week in New York.

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