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Hi Hayley,

I have a rather awkward question. I've been running for a few months now, and always in three quarter length pants. Now that it's heating up outside, I have switched to shorts - a running pair I bought specifically from a specialised shop - and I have wicked chafing on my inner thighs! I'm not a thin girl, and so my thighs rub together and...well, is there anyway to fix this? I don't want to have to wear pants all the time, as it's just too hot, but it's terribly uncomfortable! Help!


This is not an awkward question at all! Join the club. I have found myself on runs where I have actually started to bleed in between my thighs due to chafing and I have had to hitchhike home. I have NEVER been able to run in shorts, and I envy the girls who can. I do not attribute my chafing to big thighs, but rather my running gait because even if my legs are toned they always rub.

You can try using lubrication such as body glide which is an anti-chafing stick that can be found at all running stores but if that does not work for you, you might have to do what I do.

What I do is stick with my three quarter length tights, but I wear extremely light weight ones in the summer. Lululemon carries one that I love  -- click here) -- but the problem is because they are so thin they wear quite quickly and the $80 pair of tights may only last you one or two running seasons. Hanging them to dry, rather than drying them in a dryer, will help extend their shelf life.  

If you absolutely cannot stand running in the heat in long pants then I suggest you run earlier in the morning or later on in the evening when the sun is not at its full strength. And plan for a cool shower when you finish, to return your core temperature back to normal so you do not continue to sweat long after your run has finished.

Hydration is also important as you will be sweating more so carry fluids with you (if you are running longer than 45 minutes) and if you are planning on running longer than an hour and a half make sure to add an electrolyte to your fluid.

Happy Chafing!

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