It’s been a career year for Josh Brolin thanks to his scene stealing turn in No Country for Old Men. Josh has indeed made mention of it in recent interviews, describing his long, patient ride to recognition and how it feels to finally be known not for who his father is married to, or who he’s married to, but who he is on his own. And also the fact that he’s a quivering stud.

Ran into him at TIFF a few months ago, he was regularly at the bar at the Hazelton late into the night. Sexy as all hell. And smooth too. Yum.

Someone told me recently that her loins couldn’t move for Josh because of the wife beater thing - that incident a couple of years ago when the cops were called to his house allegedly on a domestic charge that was immediately dropped. Josh and Diane’s explanation for this is that it was one of those fights that got out of hand, not physically, but dramatically…when you threaten the other person with a low blow out of spite. I am the master of dirty fighting. And if that’s what Diane did, I can’t totally relate.

Since then, there has been no indication that what happened back then wasn’t just as they explained. Still… the memory of the scandal lingers.

Anyway, check out Josh last night at some event in New York. Remember him in Goonies??!!??

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