In Touch Magazine claimed last week that Josh Brolin cheated on Diane Lane in New Orleans with some local piece at a bar. They ran the story with a photo of Josh comfortably ensconced between the woman’s legs. Click here for a refresher.

I wrote at the time that it’s unlikely Diane would leave him. It’s not how it works in Hollywood. It often doesn’t work that way in the real world either. Celebrities are “just like us!”, right?

Josh and Diane were photographed this weekend on a “romantic stroll” after dinner. Those photos should be online very shortly. She’s wearing shades and a hat, but they’re both smiling, making a big show of being very happy. A classic PR save.

So she either believes him or she’s ignoring it. This is how they do.

Here’s Josh also this weekend in costume on the set of Jonah Hex.

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