Shia LaBeouf keeps getting into bar fights. You know who's also been known to drunkenly throw his fists around at a bar, or outside a bar?

Josh Brolin.

It's like they're father and son.

Brolin was in Santa Monica the other night, getting messy with a bouncer after the establishment asked him to leave. After trying to open-hand slap the dude, Brolin was eventually placated when the man assured him that they were just hugging moments ago. Here’s the video:

Sexy, right?

And earlier that night, Brolin rear-ended a taxi in a taco drive-thru and then got all aggro when the cabbie tried to exchange insurance information.

Classy, right?

Last year on New Year’s Eve, Brolin made headlines for pretty much the same thing, only that time he was arrested. For all the times he gets busted, how many times does he go about his drunken, sloppy way without the public knowing about it?

Conveniently, Brolin’s alcohol ragers always happen just as he’s about to start promoting a movie. The New Year’s Eve incident preceded Gangster Squad. And this is happening before Labour Day, Jason Reitman’s new film that also stars Kate Winslet. A trailer for Labour Day was released a few days ago after decent reviews coming out of Telluride and TIFF. There’s a 9 minute pie scene that everyone keeps talking about during which Brolin erotically bakes a pie for Winslet that’s supposed to show the tender side behind his criminal façade. Perfect casting…I guess?

Is this what women keep looking for in Josh Brolin? That sometimes, after a bender, he comes home, puts on an apron, and shows a sensitivity that’s supposed to make up for the frat boy who can’t hold his liquor?