If you’re worried that your Mad Men withdrawal is going to get kind of ugly and desperate, now is the time to catch up on Masters Of Sex. It’s period, it’s a delicious show with lots of drama and yelling and sex and nudity, and it moves through time like a freight train.  

And apparently, Josh Charles’s character is going to have a ‘complicated’ relationship with Michael Sheen’s Masters and Lizzy Caplan’s Johnson. Just to spell it out, this is the kind of show where that means they’re going to have sex, probably on camera with other people watching. Which is great. First of all because Charles was way too buttoned up on The Good Wife for the last few seasons - he’s more interesting than just a guy playing a stiff lawyer – and because Masters and Johnson and hell, Libby Masters too, all need to sleep with some other people. All three of them look fantastic in these pictures from a screening on Tuesday night. Have I convinced you yet? What more do you need?

Masters of Sex returns July 12.