If Fergie had been with him yesterday, this sh-t would not have gone down the same way.

So Josh Duhamel, after escorting his wife to the BillBoard Women of the Year event in New York, where she was named the Woman of the Year, then boarded a plane for Kentucky that was delayed. He was texting and refused to stop despite being asked three times, going so far as to deride the flight attendant who kept asking him.

According to TMZ, the flight attendant was not impressed, had the plane turned around, called the cops to come on board and threw him off the flight. Duhamel’s publicist’s response to this?

“He’s sorry.”

I don’t know why people bother f-cking around with airline/airport staffers. I see it all the time. Someone starts huffing and puffing about their personal tv system not working, to the point of abuse, and they get shut down by the authorities as soon as the aircraft reaches the gate. Was it worth it?

The last time I was travelling, some asshole was pissed off that he couldn’t get an aisle seat and wasn’t able to check in early online because he doesn’t have a computer. He was spit-yelling at the agent upon check-in, pointing his finger in her face and calling her a bitch. Later on I noticed that he was on my flight. She found him an aisle seat but it was next to the toilet. And this was a plane destined eventually for Australia after a stop in Vancouver. From the look on his face, he knew he was in for a stank. It amazes me even more the people who throw a stink in the security line. Yeah I know there are stringent rules nowadays. But maybe I’m too simplistic. Because the alternative is that my plane might explode. So... please... go ahead and pat me down, it’s all good.

If ever there was a time to swallow your own sh-t and take it up the ass once in a while and plaster on a smile and be amenable and ask nicely, it’s at the airport and on an aircraft. Those people do not mess. But they are much more patient and accommodating to celebrities. Real ones. They let them hide in the bathroom, they give them extra snacks, they hustle them through security, if of course they know who they are.

What’s amazing about this story is that Josh Duhamel wasn’t famous enough –and why would he be, really – to get preferentially treated without his more famous A list wife. If she’d been with him? Wouldn’t have happened.

Is that emasculating?

Is that why he hit up the stripper?

Photos from Ron Asadorian-Eddie Mejia/Splashnewsonline.com