Josh Hartnett and Rihanna? Us Weekly is reporting that they were making out  last night in NYC. So random but I TOTALLY get it. On both sides. Because despite his eyebrow issues, Josh is the hotness. And Rihanna. Well… she’s Rihanna. Look at her.

But he’s a belt conquistador isn’t he?

Scarjo, Helena Christensen, several models including a one night snogfest with Gisele Bundchen and a 2 week fling with Sienna Miller – all in the last 18 months. The boy has good taste.

A few years ago, I hoped every night his good taste would include me after seeing a movie called Blowdry. Then it was 40 Days and 40 nights. And then he sucked donkey ass in Wicker Park and it was over as quickly as it began. Which is probably what will happen between Josh and Rihanna. Oh to be young again.