Am told they’re seeing each other casually but quietly – Josh Hartnett and Kirsten Dunst. Both are currently in New York. He was spotted jogging today and this is Kiki out for lunch with a friend on the weekend.

Josh was my summer crush 7 summers ago. Whenever 40 days nights whatever came out. Don’t come at me with the “he can’t act” argument. I know this. It didn’t matter. That’s the thing about summer crushes. There is no rationale. The difference between Josh and some other summer crushes though, like Joaquin Phoenix and Michael Phelps, is that the quiver never turned to hate. The affection has always lingered…

And he’s still hot.

Look at him. All casual and sporty. Yum.

So of course the Keeks is all over it. Of course.

Am trying to make sense of those shoes. I had a neighbour where we lived last: he was an older creepy volatile man with a super young, super naïve girlfriend. Like plucked from a small town, maybe even a farm. She had long, long, long hair down to her ass. Seeing them together…it grossed me out. I always imagined he ordered her from a website selling innocent girls from the rural lands and she was prisoner in his smoky apartment.

Anyway, it was always her clothes that would give her away. In the dead of winter she’d wear short denim skirts, bare legs, and Kiki’s clogs to walk the dog. TO WALK THE DOG. My husband would always head in the opposite direction whenever he could without being obvious. He said seeing her made him shrivel, not because she was unattractive, but because she was so pathetically, heartbreakingly unfashionable, even for a dude who doesn’t care about fashion.

So to sum up: Kiki’s clogs = our old neighbour who may have kidnapped a girl from the prairie and turned her into his sex slave.

Obviously no likey.

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