I have a nomination for your #5 spot. I know that he"s probably way too B list but he is the first man I"ve had a truly juvenile school girl crush on in years. Maybe it"s the bad boy thing - which we all experience in our teens don"t we? Anyway...for the number 5 spot I recommend Josh Holloway (Sawyer) from Lost. I figure Jason Lewis made it onto the list when his only claim to fame (at least that I was aware of) was as part of an ensemble cast on Sex in the City. So, why not Josh? Dear TJ: I think I"ve received close to a thousand emails echoing your sentiments. I do like Josh Holloway. And I think his wife is Asian too which makes him even more attractive. But as I said before, the Freebie 5 is about bright wattage. I learned my lesson with Jason Lewis. He showed tons of promise and tons of ass and then all of a sudden he was gone. No lead offers, no career challenges, no risks, no pay offs. I see the same fate for Josh.