With these two, it’s PDA everywhere! Looks like Joshua Jackson missed Diane Kruger while she was in Berlin for the film festival. They’ve now reunited in Toronto and are making up for lost time. Earlier this week the two were spotted at Whole Foods in Hazelton Lanes as cute as ever, “he couldn’t stop touching her and nipping her neck”, and it got so frisky at one point they ducked into a corner for a long, lingering kiss.

Yesterday the two were out and about shopping hand in hand, seemingly oblivious to the ridiculous cold.

Josh is in Toronto shooting a movie and plans to have him guest star on Grey’s Anatomy are reportedly still moving forward – he’d be a potential love interest for fellow Canadian Sandra Oh. Love.

Attached – photos of Josh and Diane taken late January at a gala in Paris.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com