Without question, Joshua Jackson was the most stylish, the most dashing, the hottest dude at the Costume Institute Gala, period, the end. Suddenly Pacey has turned into a fashion boy. Yum.

He came of course with Diane Kruger who looked lovely in silver with pink shoes and pink lips. They held hands half way up the stairs and then split up for interviews. He was letting her do the talking. Until he saw the CTV mic flash. A good Canadian boy always talks to a Canadian network.

Up close he’s even better, as confident in a YSL suit as he is in a pair of jeans, totally comfortable with the fact that it’s his girlfriend who is the international star. Every time I see him he gets sexier. Thing is, I’ve interviewed Joshua Jackson three or four times. They get interviewed rather often, these celebrities, and often too by the same people. Most of them almost never remember who they’re talking to unless it’s Billy Bush.

So yeah, I admit, I was totally the prom queen when Josh was like – oh hey Lainey! We’re neighbours! – referring to the fact that we live in the same community in Vancouver and when the moment passed, I asked him if he and his girlfriend were househunting in his hometown. He said they were thinking about it for sure but she’s the one with the crazy travel… it’s kinda on her schedule.

When I teased him about being Mr Style Man these days, he pointed to Diane again. The she looked back and waved. Love them together.

As for his career prospects, Joshua won the lead role in Fringe – JJ Abrams supernatural new tv project – and he told me they should hear in the next day or so if the pilot gets picked up. Fingers crossed for Josh. He asked us for good vibes. Send him good vibes!

Because he deserves it. The nicest guy ever.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com