They are the cutest, non? Totally totally adorable together.

Check out Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger sharing a tender moment over lunch yesterday in LA. As they were leaving, Diane appeared to be carrying around a bit of a bump underneath her dress. Since they just had lunch… is it a Food Baby? Or a Baby Baby?

You know I hate BumpWatch. Not only is it boring for childless shrews like me who couldn’t give a sh*t about kids but from a gossip standpoint, BumpWatch is about as reliable as Star Magazine or Life & Style. Or Amy Winehouse.

In this case however there is other smut to back up the bump.

As I reported exclusively last week, Josh and Diane were congratulated at the opera. Now my sources tell me they’ve been looking to buy a home together. Something that will “accommodate a family” in a neighbourhood with a strong focus on community. It’s early days, and they’re still waffling between cities (Vancouver is an option but not one of the frontrunners) but these are two people who want to build a life together.

And now it’s to you. Your favourite… bump analysis. Is Diane Kruger pregnant?

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