Josh & Diane in love in NYC

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A few of you are still mad at Joshua Jackson for missing TIFF because he lost his passport positing that it was a sucky thing for him to do, to be so irresponsible, to let down his director, his costars, in failing to hype the film and disappointing fans in the process.

Absolutely it was a bonehead mistake. Like a grade 10 I forgot to do my homework mistake. Goofy.

But was it douchey?

Goofy and douchey are two different things.

Joshua Jackson, to me, is totally goofy. But he’s also totally not douchey.

So instead of flying to Toronto, Joshua stayed in New York to continue working on Fringe and also to be close to his babe Diane Kruger. The two are apparently still deeply deeply in love. Thanks to Alyssa who saw them together on Friday for the following account. Squee!

Hi Lainey,

Not sure if this qualifies as smut, but I thought you might like the story. Yesterday, Friday the 12th, I happen to be killing time reading the paper in Le Pain Quotidian in Tribeca, NY, when who should walk in but Diane Kruger, looking stunning in gray leggings and an oversized, off the shoulder tee, no makeup and hair pulled back. She sits by herself at a table for 2 next to the window. Within 5 minutes Joshua Jackson, unshaven and wearing a white henley and jeans (he wears them well) rides up on a bike, knocks on the window to get Diane's attention, and blows her a kiss. He locks up his bike and comes in to greet her. I swear, Lainey, the chemistry those 2 have is electric. He gave her a great big hug and kiss and continued to reach out and touch her face and kiss her throughout the meal, looking at her adoringly the whole time. I really can't blame him though, she is gorgeous! I thought about trying to sneak a photo of them with my blackberry, but honestly - I didn't want to ruin the sweet intimacy of their lunch. I had to shove my copy of In Touch deep into my bag (don't laugh - I was not  intrigued by People's McCain cover or Us Weekly's Danielyn cover) detailing how Katie Holmes and Josh rekindled their Dawson's Creek love when he visited her rehearsal. After what I saw, that's garbage. Or Josh and Diane are much better actors than either has ever been given credit for.


Photos attached of Diane riding her bike, all casual and chic, around New York this weekend and file photos of the couple on various occasions this summer.

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