I remember seeing Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger at TIFF 2006 at the Holt Renfrew Burberry party. They had just started dating that summer, it was new and fresh and they took care to arrive separately, in separate cars 15 minutes apart, walking the carpet and the press line well clear of each other only to quickly reunite inside the party with their hands clasped the entire time. Then our eTalk etalk.ctv.ca cameras caught them leaving down the escalator and flirting the entire way down, stopping to kiss at one point near the bottom.

It was super cute.

More than a year later, in New York for the premiere of National Treasure and it’s a different story. Still super cute but much less camera shy.

Check them out last night – she’s kinda overdressed, non? But she is wearing red satin heels with an orange dress. Love.

Also love that Josh is totally a fashion dude these days. Pacey is stylin’!

Damn he’s hot. SO hot. You know that Katie Holmes had this once upon a time, right? And now she’s married to Tom Cruise…

Mayjah downgrade.

Photos from Splash and Wenn