Pacey knows Greek mythology

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The new issue of NUVO Magazine, published in Vancouver, features our very own Joshua Jackson, photographed in Los Angeles, more handsome than ever. And actually rather erudite. Commenting on the environment and specifically the Gulf oil spill and how it might only be the beginning in a future fraught with more disaster, Josh posited:

“Pick your myth—we’re either Pandora or Prometheus or, frankly maybe Icarus. We are in a tipping-point era, and we have to either catch up to our abilities, culturally, or some massive global catastrophe will befall us. The planet will live on, but we’re going to make it more difficult for us to survive.”

I have a thing about Greek mythology. Am obsessed. So yeah, that move works for me. Can you imagine if Kellan Lutz were on the listening end of that conversation? He’d have to lie down from thinking exhaustion...though in fairness, since I’m such a biased bitch, if John Mayer were namechecking Greek gods I’d probably tell him to eat his guitar.

Did you know that Josh has run with the bulls in Pamplona four times? Where the f-ck are the paps when you need them?

As for what it’s like to be at an awards show, Josh says it sucks unless you win:

“You have to be there for hours, oh my sweet Jesus. If it looks glamorous on TV, it’s almost always boring because it’s good for the cameras and not good to be at. Just think about the Academy Awards as a four-hour variety show with f-cking commercial breaks. It is impossible. (But) to go to an awards show where you’re nominated and then actually win something is a totally different experience. All of a sudden it’s the coolest thing in the world.”

I love him.

is available now. More beautiful pictures (they spend money on their shoots, and it shows) and more of Joshua’s thoughts about working and living again in Vancouver, close to mom!

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