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There’s Robert Pattinson’s unintentional comedy, and then there’s Pacey-Con San Diego 2010.


He’s the best.

Joshua Jackson was at Comic-Con for Fringe. On his down time he decided to go back to Capeside, wardrobe and all, for some fan fiction reading, and of course a little Paula Cole blaring from a boom box.

Don’t say you don’t love him. How could you not love him after this?

Sarah M saw him last week in Vancouver at the movies (Inception) all by himself. Happily. That’s hot to me, his comfort with being alone at the theatre. It’s how he is – super chill, low on ego, and hilarious. They say he was hilarious on the Fringe panel, had everyone completely charmed.

As for Pacey-Con, it was a bit for Funny or Die. Can’t wait to see.

Click here for more photos of Pacey-Con. And for old time’s sake...

F-CK. Remember Dawson’s Creek???

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