Joshua Jackson’s Fringe has been renewed for a 2nd second and will move production to Vancouver, his home town. Joshua’s film One Week, a Canadian road trip celebrating Canada, made on a hilariously small budget, has surpassed the $1 million mark at the Canadian box office – a huge achievement.

It has been a very good year so far. And Joshua’s personal life is looking great too.

Here are Joshua and Diane Kruger, matching gorgessity, at an event last night in New York to benefit foster care in the city. He readily admitted to me last year that she dresses him, and he’s man enough to not mind. Which is why he’s a style plate all of a sudden, perhaps overshadowed by some flashier dudes and tabloid fixtures but carpet for carpet, suit for suit, appearance for appearance, Joshua Jackson is right at the top. It’s time to take notice.

Photos from and Johns PkI/