It’s a tricky thing for me – men dancing. If done well, an incredible turn on. But if not… an instant quiver killer. I happened to marry a white man who cannot CANNOT dance. And I only realised it in full magnitude this weekend when I saw my husband “groove” dance for the first time at our buddy Joe"s wedding. Seriously, seriously, seriously atrocious. Like cringe-worthy atrocious.

Call me Cruise but if a dude can’t dance like Justin, it is totally ok for him to simply stand on the spot way at the back of the room, up against a wall, and move his head up and down. Better that than the alternative. The alternative embarrasses everyone.

So here’s Joshua Jackson shakin’ it up with Diane Kruger at the VIP Club in St Tropez. I know it’s impossible to tell from photos but to me, to me it doesn’t much look like he’s feelin’ it. Maybe it’s just me.

Having said that, I am so all over the new Euro Pacey wearing tapered jeans, no socks, and expensive leather loafers. All over it. And he has the body for it too. Long lean legs, flat chest, no juice monkey muscles bulging desperately… love, love, love.

PS. Have heard whispers that they’ve been deliriously happy on this holiday. And that he proposed. NOT slamdunk. Will keep you posted.