Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger – under the radar for what seems like an eternity – showed up in Cannes at the weekend dispelling rumours of a split.

First a private party on a yacht – Josh looking a little pale and pasty and Diane cutting an elegant figure in a beautiful gauzy white dress. They were hand in hand, adorable all night, rarely straying away from each other marking the one year mark of their relationship. You will recall they were first captured on camera in Paris around this time in 2006.

Have always found her pleasant to look at but highly underwhelming. Until now. Even last night as she arrived on the carpet for the Cannes closing ceremony flanked by Le Karl and Canadian Denys Arcand, who directed her in the festival’s final film L’Age des Tenebres - while her dress was spectacular, a perfect package from head to toe, the result was rather… bland. To be honest, I was more taken, as always, with Karl than I was with Diane. The man is endlessly fascinating, and she dared not leave his side even for one photo, held in place by the Kaiser grip of his fashionable fan-free hand, gloved in silver for the occasion and as intimidating as ever.

Look at him! Love him!!!

But as disinterested as I was by Diane (Dee-ann they call her here) and her appearance, once she stepped on the stage during the ceremony, once she started speaking, I understood completely. Completely.

Diane Kruger has an effortless poise and elegance that you can’t teach. She was the Maitresse de Ceremonie for the festival and when she opens her mouth, with a flawless French accent, delivered with such grace and class, you can’t help but fall hard. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. And now I get it. Still don’t necessarily agree with Helen of Troy but I finally get why my hot men can’t stay way. First Guillaume Canet, now Joshua Jackson. I totally get it.