How cute is he???

Joshua Jackson hooked up with a fashion girl and since then, it’s been a wardrobe overhaul without losing his balls.

I love. I die.

His clothes, they always fit beautifully. He told me when I interviewed him at the Costume Institute Gala that when he and Diane Kruger moved in together he had to throw all his sh-t out. Then he pointed to his YSL suit and was like – yeah, so now I’m wearing this. So confident, so matter of fact, and then he smiled devilishly and asked me if he looked good.

Did I just write “devilishly”??? Ugh. Sorry. It’s the Joshua Jackson effect.

Anyway, Josh and Diane were in Paris last night for an AIDS benefit. Don’t normally love a neckscarf on a man. Too Jude Law. But Josh, he makes it work. Yes he makes it work! And I wish I had her legs. Damn.

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