NYE Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger were partying in New York at the Soho Grand in the penthouse. Just before midnight the hotel asked everyone to move downstairs. Josh and Diane apparently had to share a table with others and according to Page Six he threw a strop and refused to sit with anyone else so a hostess had to clear everyone out of his area while he and his girl enjoyed their privacy.

Josh’s rep is denying the story: “Josh never asked anyone to leave any part of the party, and never asked anyone to do that for him."

Am biased, yes, but totally believe him. Joshua Jackson has never given any indication before that he has diamonds flying out of his ass. In fact, quite the opposite. His publicist isn’t prickly, he’s not prickly in interviews, or demanding, or rude. And when he dropped by the eTalk Lounge during TIFF in 2006, he was not only comfortable, he was also terribly charming. And adorable. We actually couldn’t get him out of there.


Then again…

His girlfriend is Karl Lagerfeld’s muse…Has Joshua Jackson been beaten by the bitch beating fan?

Photo from Wenn.com