Not quite the same flow as Nick & Norah. By the way, if you read Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, the Dash & Lily sequel, The Twelve Days Of Dash & Lily, comes out in October.

So. Joshua Jackson and Ruth Wilson. Of The Affair. And Joshua is freshly single after a decade with Diane Kruger. The two were out in New York the other day, starting lunch and drinks at 3pm and not leaving the restaurant until 11pm. They also apparently went to the same hotel. Click here to see the photos.

Is this happening?

I mean, I would love it. All over it. But check out this tweet I got yesterday, made me laugh:

Good point. When it’s new and it’s newly FREE, like if there was any overlap going on here? 8 hours is a long cocktease. Like, after an hour you take a break to f-ck. And then you go back to the drinking. After 8 hours of drinking? In the summer? And part of that time was in the sun? Sure. Of course. But it does take the intensity out of it, non?