It doesn’t go with Chanel

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 25, 2012 20:10:43 May 25, 2012 20:10:43

Joshua Jackson paid $45K for a necklace for Diane Kruger the other night in Monaco at a charity event. They are not engaged. Last night Diane wore Chanel at amfAR. She did not wear her gift. It doesn’t go with the dress. And these wardrobe decisions, they are made weeks in advance. I’m serious. You can’t just go rogue and insert a necklace in there and expect it not to f-ck up the order of things.

Can I gush about him some more? Click here if you missed my first post about Joshua’s lack of ego.

A friend of mine overheard Josh at a party the other night. Don’t ask me to remember which one because they are at a party every single night. The point is Josh was talking and laughing and being chill and cute, holding his girl’s hand, and someone asked him something and his response was, “No man, I am just here as her date. She’s the one you...(unintelligible)”. It was said without being passive aggressive, there was no bitterness, the hearer of it wasn’t embarrassed...

That’s just how they are. How he is. He doesn’t need to be #1, like, ever. When he’s with her, he knows she’s #1 and loves it that way. I hate to applaud this like it’s an extraordinary achievement instead of being something expected. But in real life, how often do you see this go down? And in Hollywood life, how often do you see this go down? Sadly, rarely. Tom Brady holds on to his wife’s purse and TMZ is all over his ass calling him a pussy handler. What could be more sexy than how Joshua Jackson isn’t threatened by Diane Kruger? Which is why I’m having a really hard time believing he’s an actor. Is he really an actor???  


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