Diana Kruger arrived at LAX yesterday and Joshua Jackson picked her up with flowers, which, like, awwww…

Not just because it’s flowers and Valentines but because there are so many paps at that airport, and so many starf-ckers standing around, and he’s all like, whatever, I need to be romantic for my girl. And he really, really does all the time. I’m told that’s he’s like this with her always in Vancouver, will call down and make spa treatment appointments for her, will order her food, will arrange special deliveries – he’s really not one of those dudes who will care if TMZ calls him a pussy for holding his lady’s bag. (They’re a bit sexist over there, non? They ride Tom Brady’s ass all the time about Gisele Bundchen and now it’s Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly, because she told him not to talk to the paps when they were waiting for valet.) Anyway, my point is Joshua isn’t weak like that.

Can I be an asshole and ask a catty question?

Do you think it bothers Diane that Marion Cotillard gets so many offers?

I’m sorry if that was a dick move but Christopher Nolan just put Marion in the new Batman and she was previously in Inception and Public Enemies and everything that comes her way from Hollywood is just so high profile and it just came to mind….

Photos from Flynetonline.com