Diane Kruger was recognised last night at the Calvin Klein Collection and euphoria Calvin Klein party in association with the IFP to celebrate women in film. (This is where the linen cocktail napkins were happening.)  It gets cool at night here in Cannes. Diane, in Calvin Klein, had a black wrap around her shoulders when we saw her come in with Joshua Jackson. A few minutes later I saw him rubbing her arms to keep her warm. Later on he was holding her around the waist and goofy-dancing with her, like totally oblivious to anyone else around. There was also a long, sweet kiss towards the end of the night and when it was time to leave, she took his hand and led him out the courtyard and he happily followed. Josh has no ego. This is very, very sexy.

Yes, Josh is Pacey Witter forever. Yes I know you love him so much. Aside from the fan clubs and tv conventions though, Diane has a much bigger profile than Josh does. And definitely in Europe. So when they’re at these kinds of events, when they show up somewhere like on the carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, he’s just her date, he’s just the boyfriend. And he’s happy to be. It’s not a problem for him. He doesn’t give a sh-t as long as he gets to be with her. You have to imagine how rare that is for an actor, inherently self involved, narcissistic, and insecure. After all these years, it doesn’t seem to have bothered Joshua Jackson. And it makes him all that much cuter.