She looked incredible at the photo call in the morning. Amazing. The hair! Will be copying the hair.

Last night on the carpet – meh on the dress. Guess why?

It’s Marchesa!

And Inglourious Basterds has Harvey Weinstein all over it.

Anyway, Diane’s profile has been pretty low key this week. Not too many public events aside from yesterday, just a few quiet lunches.

Many of you have emailed to ask about Joshua Jackson.

He’s here, yes.

Joined Diane and the Basterds at their dinner on Tuesday night with the Brange, and although he did not walk the carpet with her at the palais, he was spotted with her at the afterparty. Unfortunately haven’t come across any photos. They were happy and affectionate together though, networking, mingling…

Things are very, very good between them.

PS. I hate typing Inglourious Basterds. WTF?

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